Events Of Mar 2018

#1 Sales Coaching Blended Learning 8:30AM till 10:00AM

Place: Desktop
Date: 03/14/2012

#2 Working Smart 365

Place: Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce
Date: 03/20/2013

Today’s business owners, mission critical team members, sales people and C level executives are confronted by a “time starved” work place. Busyness is becoming a badge of honor and excuse which one must not accept. To be effective in this microwave popcorn workplace where having to have it yesterday is becoming the norm you must have a process in place that you control. Many are asking how to cope with this “time starved” workplace and not allow important projects and work slip through the white hole of the organization chart. The only way to take control of all the tech tools trying to run you life in a reactive way is to create a process to manage that irreplaceable asset called time. You can do this by learning to be more effective. All of this chaos is creating a workplace ruled by overwhelmed and stressed out workers which impacts the quality and quantity of results. Take the first step today to control your home and work life by registering for this valuable event.


You will learn the following:

  • Understanding the Working Smart model and choosing a single Tech Tool such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Smart Phones, Google Apps and even paper planners to stay organized.
  • How you can avoid the Busyness Trap and spend more time on important, high value, less urgent work. In essence you will be more effective, doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time.
  • Review best practice behaviors for daily, weekly , monthly and yearly planning so you get rid of your “surrender behaviors” that give control to others.
  • Discuss the importance of how to plan and manage all communication. You will understand the importance of learning how to take charge of your e-mail/texting skills and learn useful storage and retrieval skills.
  • The right way to plan and organize your tasks in such a favorable way that you create focus and flexibility in whichever tech tool software you choose.


Suggested Attendees: Anyone in the workplace who has too much to do and not enough day in the day to get it all done


Special Bonus for signing up you will receive an important coaching report compliment of the Gulas Group. This report contains information on your time planning behaviors along with how and why you do what you do in the workplace. You will also see in the report five critical combinations of behaviors and motivators isolating your areas of excellence, potential areas of conflict, your ideal work environment, keys to motivating and keys to managing.


The presenter, Ted Gulas has over 24 years of experience developing high performance organizations. Ted is an Expert Author for He is certified in Behaviors, Motivators and Emotional Intelligence. He has conducted hundreds of workshops across the country. In his previous life as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for an International manufacturing firm he recruited and developed top talent across the globe. He has coached and consulted with companies across the country and many specifically in leadership positions. The result, his client’s rave about the validated process used to hire, recruit, retain and develop top talent. Ted is known for guiding individuals, teams and organizations to their goals.


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#3 The Magic of OMG Assessments

Place: Webinar 9:00 AM Central Time
Date: 03/12/2013

If you have ever hired a salesperson that didn’t work out – even though you were sure they would – or you know you need stronger salespeople to combat how difficult selling has become in 2013, then this Webinar will provide you with the information to help you identify and select those very salespeople.

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