Events Of Apr 2018

#1 Sales Coaching Blended Learning 8:30AM till 10:00AM

Place: Desktop
Date: 04/11/2012

#2 Emotional Intelligence is an Essential Foundational Skill

Place: Huntsville Madidon County Chamber of Commerce
Date: 04/16/2014

Emotional Intelligence is an Essential Foundational Skill Necessary for Superior Performance at Work and Home

Each day we experience 20,000 moments. A moment is defined as a few seconds during which our brain records an experience.  The quality of our days and the quality of our interactions is determined by how our brains recognize and categorize our moments; positive, negative, neutral. We don’t recall neutral moments. The ratio of understanding and controlling the positive- to- negative moments, which means five positives are needed to mitigate one negative, is crucial to predicting workplace performance to divorce. Those with higher Emotional Intelligence recognize that this 5:1 ratio exists and exerts strong influence on communication, disengagement, organization cultures, relationships, being pro active or reactive and being an effective leader. It is been conservatively estimated that the cost of disengagement to an organization on average is $5,000 per employee. Add in the other consequences of low Emotional Intelligence and a bleak and costly picture emerges of the true cost of this issue. Take your first step to a brighter future by improving your Emotional Intelligence; register today for this valuable event.

You will leave with a better understanding of the following:

  • Visually determine your emotional quotient temperature
  • The seven basic emotions and why only 36% can identify their emotions when they occur
  • How does emotional intelligence work on us physiologically?
  • Twelve ways to spot a person with high emotional quotient
  • What happens when you are in your “Emotional Intelligence Avoid State?”
  • Why the Approval State is preferred
  • How clear is your Emotional Intelligence Glass?
  • How do you measure Emotional Intelligence so you can improve it?


Suggested Attendees; Everyone in the workplace concerned with providing a path to maximize their own potential at work and at home.

The presenter, Ted Gulas has over 25 years of experience developing high performance organizations. Ted is an Expert Author for He is certified in Behaviors, Motivators and Emotional Intelligence. He has conducted hundreds of workshops across the country. In his previous life as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for an International manufacturing firm he recruited and developed top talent across the globe. He has coached and consulted with companies across the country and many specifically in leadership positions. The result, his client’s rave about the validated process used to hire, recruit, retain and develop top talent. Ted is known for guiding individuals, teams and organizations to their goals.

You can find more information about Ted at

 to register for the April 16, 2014 event from 11 AM till 1 PM



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