DNA Selling DNA Workshop for Sales Managers

Managing in today's complex sales environment requires more skill and expertise. Gone are the days when a company could just put sales people on the street and hope for the best. The high cost of putting sales reps on the street coupled with the increased competitive pressure demands that a company maximize its return on its investment of human capital. To compete in this environment companies realize that they must upgrade and improve their sales management practices. The companies that excel in every industry will be those that learn how to get their sales people to perform at a higher level.

  • A Superior Sales Managers Manual
  • A Results Plus Workbook
  • A Portable War Room CD-ROM
  • Blueprints for a 90-day turnaround
  • 7 sales strategies to beat the competition
  • 7 activity games designed to keep the pipeline full
  • 7 training exercises to keep your team sharp

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