The Gulas Group provides proven and reliable assessments, coaching, training and development processes that provide significant and measurable improvements in performance and a solid path toward achieving your goals.

Clients seek us out to help them achieve their strategic goals, close sales quickly, resolve internal and external conflicts, reduce falling margins, and smooth communications.

Are You Efficient or Effective?

Take this free evaluation to identify how effectively you set and maintain priorities. Tell us a little about yourself then answer the eight short questions.

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1. When the mail arrives, do you look through it immediately to make sure you aren't missing something that needs action?
Yes No
2.. Regarding e-mail do you schedule time to read and respond to them throughout the day or do you have a tendency to access them when they come in or whenever you feel like looking?
Yes No
3. When someone asks for your help with something, do you pride yourself on being able to respond immediately?
Yes No
4. Do you have a daily "to do" list (a list of tasks which should be completed on a daily basis)?
Yes No
5. Do you judge how successful your day was by counting how many items are crossed off your "to do" list without considering their relative importance?
Yes No
6. Do you often get to the end of the day and find you haven't made "an appointment with yourself" (a period of uninterrupted personal time to accomplish important tasks)?
Yes No
7. Do you try to respond to phone messages immediately, even if it interrupts something else?
Yes No
8. Do you find that some days you don't even look at your "to do" list until several hours into the work day?
Yes No

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