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Stop Excuse Making

Remember any reason for not getting the sale is an excuse be responsible, don’t blame others, the organization you work for, the prospect or your past. Know that is up to you.
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Self Regulation control the moment

If you want focus learn how to train the brain to control the 20,000 moments in a day
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Stress Facts

Listen in and discover what stress is costing you and your organization
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Sales Team Obstacles to Growth

Why cant your sales team grow the business
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Organizational Consistency

Mckinsey reports organizations need to concentrate more on institutional issues vrs individual time managment issues. Get aligned with a working smart process
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Fourth Consecutive Worldwide Sales Assessment

The annual Top Sales & Marketing Awards contest from Sales World Magazine has been created to hail “the heroes” of the sales and marketing space; to laud those companies and individuals who have gone that extra mile, who have been unafraid to challenge paradigms and who have had the courage to p
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Disc Assessments Myths Part One

Listen to one of five mistakes people make about the DISC Assessments
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