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WTKI Radio Interviews
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Shorten Sales Cycles

A couple of tips on how to shorten your sales cycles.
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Top Ten Time Commitments

Listen to a brief overview of the top ten time commiments
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Example SMARTER Goal

Listen to an example of why SMARTER goals are preferred.
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Skills needed workforce 2013 survey

Knowing the number of skills needed in the workforce reinforces why you need Emotional Intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence & Engagement

One of many reasons to attend the August 12, NASHREM Luncheon is to hear about how Emotional Intelligence helps build an engaged workforce. Listen in to a few ways this will work for your organization.
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Stop Setting SMART goals

Listen in to an alternative to Smart goals.
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23 Sales Candidate Questions

The new updated OMG Sales Candidate Assessment in now in a format to provide the answers to 23 critical sales candidate questions and the negative mindset issue that can apply to each question. This is what one needs to know before making a decision to hire. Listen in on a few of the questions and l
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