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WTKI Radio Interviews
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Are you choosing your emotions correctly

Choice not chance determines your emoitions choose correctly.
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Is yor delegation process results-centric?

Listen in and discover a few tips about delgation then send for the free download on the delegation process and tips.
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Motivation autonomy mastery purpose

Why are 80% of workers so dissatisfied they are looking for another job
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Effective Talent Management

While leaders focus energies on lean processes, projects, producing better products and offering better customer service they tend to leave out re tooling the human capital talent that is available to them. Listen in on why you need to attend our web class on How to Outshine Your Competition with Su
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Value Add Time Matrix

A very important view of why we have too much too do and not enough time to get it all done
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Busyness Trap Tips

Overwhelmed with too much to do most people will wear their busyness as a badge of honor. Listen in on a few ways to overcome this non effective trap.
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Discussing a sales strength called Negative Outlook

What are some of the ramifications of negative and positive Outlook
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