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WTKI Radio Interviews
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Qualifying Tactics

Spiros the Sales Warrior has 7 qualifying rules that can become profitable tactics for sales teams. Listen to a three minute radio interview on the subject.
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Collaboration needs Emotional Intelligence

85% of jobs between 1998 and 2010 involve collaboration
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5 Best Practice Behaviors for Sales Leaders

Short comparison of old school sales management to what sales leaders must do in today's market
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4 Reasons to Invest in A Working Smart Workload Management Program

Sharing four reasons clients are using programs like Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook.
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Sales Candidate Screening Results

Fred Holland share his expereinces from the OMG Sales Candidate Screening for hiring Sales People.
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Mastering Hidden Talents

Discussion on how uncovering motivatiors and behaviors can build a winning workplace culture
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Hunter Attribute - Prospecting

Discussion of the Willing and Unwilling to Prospect Matrix
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