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Thought For The Day

Using Creativity & Innovation to

Dominate Despite a Slow Economy


An on line Web Workshop is being held for Sales Leaders, C Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Department Heads, Supervisors, Owners and Management who have the following issues:


  • Struggling to increase revenues in a slowing economy


  • Concerned with the lack of strategic activity


  • Troubled with ways to decrease costs without impacting the quality and quantity of services


  • Looking for proven ideas to create a sense of urgency for both internal clients and external prospects and clients


  • Team members need to understand how to establish bonding, rapport and trust much more rapidly which in turn will shorten the sales cycle


  • Challenged by the never ending excuse making about what to do to generate more income


  • Desire a fast and easy method to get more projects started and finished on time and with lower costs


  • Worried over turning around lack of team work, low performance low retention rates low morale disengaged workers, fading motivation and a  stressed workforce


  • Desire to sustain a positive work environment to reduce conflict and energize the work group toward common goals


  • Looking for advantages in presentation


  • Searching out ways to capture more ideas form numerous places organize that information quickly into executable game plans


Those who attend the Creativity and Innovations Workshop will receive the following: 


  • An eleven page handout titled “ How to Liberate your Natural Genius”


  • A Mind Mapping Smart Card from Kagan Cooperative Learning


  • Strategies for communicating openly, ethically and directly to get results the organization needs



You will get specific strategies and tactics from Ted Gulas who has been teaching these creative and executable processes for twenty years. Ted Gulas will instruct you on the many ways to use these ideas to dominant the competition despite a slowing economy. Be prepared by coming to the class with a “beginners mind” so you may decrease costs and improve the leadership of your human capital assets.


The Logistics and Investment for the Workshop:


Register before August 13, 2009, receive your sign in and be mailed out your material. To register follow this link



You will receive a GoToMeeting access and web site to sign on to before August 18 on to the class before August 18, 2009 from 10AM till noon Central time.


The class starts at 10 AM Central Time until 11:30 AM with unlimited time for questions after the event


Register early seats are limited. Investment for the class is FREE. However you must attend or cancel your class within 24 hours. Those who do register and do not cancel 24 hours in advance will be invoiced $30.00 for your unused seat. You will need to provide credit card information to hold your seat. You credit card will not be run through unless you fail to cancel 24 hours in advance.



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