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Unlock the Power of Microsoft® Outlook®

A Business Person's Guide to Supercharging Your Microsoft Outlook Software.

For those of us that are Microsoft Outlook Challenged, You know who you are....

This guide is for those who have lost their sense of priority. Everything is urgent. Nothing is truly meaningful. We just have a zillion things to get done - NOW! Not only is this extraordinarily stressful, it is living an illusion, a lie. Truth be known some things are certainly more important than other things.
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Customer Service Curriculum

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Customized Customer Service Training, Coaching, and Development

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of the customer, and the role and responsibilities of staff servicing customers
  • Value the role of quality service in total customer satisfaction
  • Manage attitudes and emotions so that consistent positive and excellent service is always provided
  • Gather a new perspective on the importance and significance of internal customers, and provide appropriate levels of service
  • Enhance questioning and listening skills to ensure two way communication
  • Use the telephone effectively to achieve customer service objectives and standards
  • Positively respond to difficult customers, and manage conflict
  • Enhance tone and nonverbal communication in all face to face service situations
  • Confidently manage complaints, turning complaints into satisfied customers
  • Understand the importance of company and product knowledge, and continuous learning

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