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Solve the Number One Issue in Organizations: Communication


A Communication and Motivators On Line Web Workshop is being held for Sales Leaders, C Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Department Heads, Supervisors, Owners and Management who have the following issues:


  • Struggling to increase revenues in a slowing economy


  • Concerned that lack of strategic activity by the sales team is linked to how the team is processing the message to increase their sales activities


  • There is a need to have more meaningful conversations with qualified future clients.


  • Team members need to understand how to establish bonding, rapport and trust much more rapidly which in turn will shorten the sales cycle


  • Challenged by the never ending excuse making and fear by team members


  • Understand why someone acts the way they do and how to tap into the power to inspire them beyond mediocre results


  • Concern over turning around lack of team work, low performance low retention rates low morale disengaged workers, fading motivation and a  stressed workforce


  • Desire to sustain a positive work environment to reduce conflict and energize the work group toward common goals


Those who attend the Communications and Motivators Workshop will receive the following:


Two validated reports used successfully by over 100,000 organizations worldwide containing the keys to discovering the following information


  • An accurate perception on ones self, greater self knowledge of oneself leads to better understanding of others and increased performance and trust


  • Identifies interpersonal communication preferences which lead to an effective communication system


  • Strategies for communicating openly, ethically and directly to get results the organization needs


  • Identify how one tends to approach problems and challenges


  • Discover those hidden motivators that drive employees to sell manage service or connect with customers the way they do.


  • Understand how to put the right people into the right job and motivate them to achieve more.


Specific strategies and tactics from a certified behavior and values expert Mindy  Bortness who will instruct you how to use your communication styles from the Target Training Insights Report the minute this session is over to increase your revenues, decrease costs and improve the leadership of your human capital assets.


The Logistics and Investment for the Workshop:


Register before April 27, 2009, receive your sign in and access codes, then fill out the two questionnaires which takes about thirty minutes to complete on line


Reports are returned to you for reading and executing action plans before the class


You will receive a GoToMeeting access and web site to sign on to the class on April 30, 2009 from 10AM till noon Central time.


Ted Gulas will introduce Mindy for the 90 minute session which will then be opened up for an unlimited question and answer session.


The two reports are complements of the Gulas Group a savings of $450.00


The fee for spending time on the class with a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Values Analyst and Certified TriMetrix™ Analyst , Mindy Bortness is $179.00 and can be paid on line during registration or contact Linda at the Gulas Group 256-464-9046 linda@gulasgroup.com  The on line class size is limited so register today to insure a seat in the class.


Register for workshop

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