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The Gulas Group provides proven and reliable assessments, coaching, training and development processes that provide significant and measurable improvements in performance and a solid path toward achieving your goals.

Clients seek us out to help them achieve their strategic goals; close sales quickly, resolve internal and external conflicts, reduce falling margins, and smooth communications.

Decide - Define Goals Strategy
Strategies, Goals & Projects

When an individual, team, or organization is first confronted with an action item (an idea, opportunity, information source, letter, phone call, e-mail, fax, report, memo, suggestion, challenge, project, recommendation, or option), this action item requires a decision. The correct decision may be to act on the idea, forward the idea on to a colleague, or to simply reject the suggestion outright. This part of the performance platform depends on understanding clearly "why" we work (a clear purpose and vision for the work) as well as "what" we do (a succinct statement of goals that guide the decision making process).

One of the dilemmas facing 21st century workers is the hierarchical model of work imposed from the industrial age. This model made workers effective at taking orders but not so effective at taking risks based on values and visions. This antiquated thinking forces one to fall into the tyranny of urgency and crisis instead of the pursuit of important and high-value, payback initiatives. The Gulas Group has helped individuals and teams find their way beyond the the industrial age by developing and measuring some of these "best practice" behaviors:

  • Building a strong belief system in yourself and your team

  • Encouraging the generation of imaginative ideas and solutions

  • Envisioning how actions and decisions relate to longer term goals

  • Knowing how to implement a longer-term strategy
"You can not manage it if
you can not measure it."

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