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The Gulas Group provides proven and reliable assessments, coaching, training and development processes that provide significant and measurable improvements in performance and a solid path toward achieving your goals.

Clients seek us out to help them achieve their strategic goals; close sales quickly, resolve internal and external conflicts, reduce falling margins, and smooth communications.

How Good of a Salesperson are You?

True False 1. Communicating to your prospect your vast storehouse of product knowledge leads to a successful sale.
True False 2. When a prospect says "Money is No Object," one step of the selling cycle is in the bank.
True False 3. The objection "Your Price Is Too High" should be handled with a reassuring statement.
True False 4. Professionals live by the old adage "Get The Order And Get Out".
True False 5. Answer prospects' questions with positive reassuring statements.
True False 6. Be enthusiastic when answering questions.
True False 7. Once you've established the prospect's primary need, go for the close.
True False 8. Prospects are always aware of what a salesman is trying to do.
True False 9. "The Price Is Too High" calls for your "Overcoming Objection" skills.
True False 10. An attentive prospect is a "Buying Signal".
True False 11. A professional salesmanship looks "Cool, Calm and Collected."
True False 12. An "Open-Minded" prospect is the easiest to close.
True False 13. The bottom line of professional selling is helping people get what they want.
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